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Remote controlled or radio controlled toys are toys easily controllable from afar by means of a specialized transmitter or remote, most of the toys in these category are limited to cars. These cars can come in wonky designs, outlandish colors and are designated mostly at a younger audience, but there are also those that are true-to-scale models, targeted at adults and are commonly abbreviated as R/C cars. These types of cars in the hands of older people are not toys anymore, but more of a hobby.


A few years back, almost every kid at every street corner was playing remote controlled cars, racing and speeding them down the streets and the lawns and pavements of every neighbor in the block. But often times, these toys were easily broken, prompting the joyous fun to stop. Durability was not really in the agenda of the manufacturers of the time. They were more concerned on painting and modeling their cars with striking colors and quirky designs. Nevertheless, every kid enjoyed them and every parent of such kid would sigh heavily at the thought of buying a new one.


Nowadays though, radio controlled cars got drastically better in quality and performance. More manufacturers are concentrating on quality rather than quality. Cars are now made to replicate their real-life counterparts to scale, and the few quirky and outlandish designs that were made were mirroring concept cars, cars of the future. These were not radio controlled cars anymore, but Hobby-Grade Cars. And they were durable alright. To learn more about remote control toys, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drone.


It is often a widely believed myth that adults do not like to own toys, particularly remote control plane. This is not often true; as a matter of fact there are many people in the world engaging in the hobby and collection of Remote controlled hobby grade cars. Using them as racing cars along with tracks provided by the manufacturers themselves, and sometimes using them to stage collisions!   These collisions sometimes end in damaged cars, but as not to fret, manufacturers also provide repair parts and tools, and in the process provide hobbyists wide ranges of customization and repair to their cars.


As you can see, engaging in remote control toys is easy now that there are a variety to choose from. You could choose to buy a wonky and quirky car for your kid as a present, and you could buy your own hobby-grade car.  Or you could buy both, and bond and have fun with your kid. Read here!